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How to get rid of Backaches?


What Is Backaches?

Back pain is usually more common ailments of mankind. Still since person beings stood upright they have been having trouble with their backs. Actually, specialists estimate that roughly 80 percent of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and somewhat more men suffer from it than women.

Causes of backaches

  • Most causes of backache and spondylosis are muscular tension, straining of the joints, poor posture, and wrong nutrition resultant from dietetic errors and shortage of exercise.
  • Sharp or chronic diseases such as kidney or prostate problems, female disorders, Influenza, and arthritis, may also bring about backache.
  • Another cause includes stress and strain consequential from sitting for a long time, rude lifting of weights, high heels, and moving problems which may cause painful muscle cramping.

Prevent of backaches

  • You should be given up smoking or taking tobacco completely.
  • Do yogic asanas such as bhujangasana, shalabhasana, halasana, uttanpadasana and shavasana.  It is beneficial in the treatment of backache.  
  • Always sit straight and hold up your back towards the chair or sofa.
  • If you are working take timely breaks and walk for few mins on long working hours.
  • Put heat to the affected area with bottle and warm water.
  • Keep away from lifting, pulling, pushing of heavy equipments
  • Stop wearing high heels shoes.
  •  Take swimming and steam bath it also helps the cause.
  • Ask the doctor and check your calcium levels.
  • Sleep early and keep away from stress.

Home remedy for backaches

  • Lemon is one more useful remedy for backache. Juice of one lemon should be mixed with common salt and drink by the patient twice daily. This will give relief.
  • Chebulic myroblan is effective in the treatment of backache. Some small piece of this fruit should be eaten after meals. It will give quick relief.
  • Take Vitamin C has important in case of severe backaches. About 2,000 mg of this vitamin should be having daily for treating this situation. Substantial development will be noticeable within two days.
  • Raw potato is a very old home remedy for backache; this is lead to by incapacitating pain in the lumbar region, especially in the lower part of the back. Application of raw potato in the fom of a poultice has been found very effective in this situation.

Diet for backaches

  • Patient does not take fatty, spicy, and fried foods; curd, sweetmeats and sugar; condiments; and tea and coffee. Foods which are processed for preservation have few nutrients and should also be eliminated from the diet.
  • You are suffering from backache should consist of a salad of raw vegetables for example  tomato, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, radish, lettuce, and, at least two steamed or lightly cooked vegetables for example cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, spinach, and plenty of fruits, except bananas.
  • The patient takes four meals daily. Fruit and milk are recommended for breakfast, steamed vegetables and wholewheat wheat tortilla for lunch; fresh fruit or fruit juice in the evening; and a bowl of raw salad and grow during dinner.

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