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How to treat Hives


What Is Hives?

Hives are rashes which are red, itchy and raised areas of skin that come in unstable shapes and sizes. Hives is allergic reactuion to a drug or medicines and food usually reasons them. People who are suffering from skin disorder or other allergies are more possible to get hives than other people. That reasons comprise infections and stress.Allergic reactions grow up our body to release chemicals that can build our skin swell up in hives.

Symptoms of hives

  • Lift circular weals appear that look like to mosquito bites.
  • Weals are show red on the outer rim and white in the centre.
  • Restricted itching is present.
  • An individual weal has a lifespan of around 24 hours or less.
  • Weals turn  into  batches or clusters.
  • One batch fade gone as a new batch come into view.
  •  Rashes may last for days or weeks.

Prevent of hives

  • Do not take hot baths or showers.
  • Do not  irritating the area with tight-fitting clothing.
  • Apply calamine lotion.
  • Use antihistamines.
  • Applying the cool compression it would be help to provide some relieve from the pain and itch.
  • Get physical examination and allergy tests, for example skin prick tests.
  • Take cayenne pepper capsules to help the healing hives
  • Take penicillin and aspirin are the two most common drug to treat hives. Penicillin and other antibiotics are the number one cause of drug-related hives.

Home remedy for hives

  • Consumption peppermint or passionflower tea is very good and you may try chamomile, valerian and catnip which also soothe your nerves.
  • Take 1/2 a tub filled with warm water; add 1/2 cup cornstarch and 1/2 cup baking soda. Soak your affected area in this mixture for once a day.To stop itching.
  • Make a paste of two cup otmeal and 3 teaspoon cornstarch mix it well then apply this paste. Leave it 15-30 minutes.It is good remedy to heal hives.
  • Drink nettle tea which is made by 2 tsp. powdered stinging nettles. You can add honey or lemon to add flavor your tea This is useful remedy to get rid of hives..
  • Drink 2 tsp of turmeric powder in a cup of water daily.For reduce hives.
  • Drink some milk of magnesia and apply it on the red patches. It an alkaline remedy will be useful to reduce itching.
  • Take ice cold shower or bath and sit in front of a fan on high for about five minutes.It is good treatment to control hives.
  • Use cream, gel and appliction of aleo vera. This is good remedy to cure hives.

Tips and diet for hives

  • Take vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc to heal hives.
  • Using cream, lotions and application it can grant you relief from the itchy feeling.
  • Do not eat food like eggs, strawberries, berries, peanuts, nuts, chocolates, cheese, tomatoes, soy products, shellfish and many more. Which food that is allergic to you and avoids having it.
  • Keep massage the trapezius points, you got some relief.  Trapeziums muscle is found between the neck and the shoulder. Through giving the vital force it may help you remove the red and white ringed patches of your body.

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