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How to Cure Earache


What Is Earache?

Earache is an ear pain and ear ache. Earache is very common ear problem in children’s and adult.  Initial earache is from pain that originates inside the ear. Two most common situations which is cause earache are disease of the outer ear (otitis externa) and disease of the middle ear (otitis media).Causes of earache are infection of the middle ear, colds, allergies, sinus infections, and increase of ear wax or fluid, a little stuck in the ear, teeth troubles, ear damages, and changes in air pressure in a plane.  

Symptoms of Earache

  • Naturally, there is an earache, which can be severe.
  • In some cases may have more of an itch than pain.
  • Moving or pulling on the ear worsens the pain.
  • Hearing loss
  • Rhythm or buzzing sounds in the ear
  • Infertile or full feeling in the ear
  • Swelling of the ear
  • Broad drainage from the ear

Prevent of Earache

  • Use eardrops contain by antibiotic and steroid to reduce swelling, to fight the infection.
  • For the duration of treatment and 1-2 weeks after treatment, you should keep away from water.
  • Also an earplug or small cotton ball covered with Vaseline can be used during bathing.
  • Cautious cleaning of ears to stop scraping the ear canal. Stop use objects like paper clips, bobby pins, or fingernails because that may tear the skin
  • Use safely chew gum, for children old enough chewing may help reduce the pain and pressure of an ear infection.
  • Put olive oil or over-the-counter ear drops are gentle and effective, giving  the eardrum has not ruptured. Use painkiller drops, for example Auralgan, are also helpful  for pain relief. .
  • Use acetaminophen or ibuprofen pain drops  can provide relief for children and adults with an earache.

Home remedy for Earache

  • Heat some licorice in ghee and get ready a paste out of it. Apply this mixture on the outside over the ear. This provide relieve of the ear pain.
  • Use some oil of ajwain and sesame seeds in the ratio of 1:3. Warm this mixture and put it in the ear. Four drops of it is effectual in healing  earache.
  • Crush four to five cloves of garlic in some linseed oil and burn it. Filter the oil and store it in a bottle. Put in this oil every morning and evening to treat earache.
  • Cut a radish into small pieces. Steep this into mustard oil and warm it. Store this oil in a glass bottle and put a few drops when you have pain.
  • Made the juice of the onion and warm it a little. Put four drops of it in each ear before going to bed.For reduce. pain.

Natural remedy to teat Earache using sesame oil

  • Take one tsp of sesame oil; add half a clove of garlic. Warmth this until it turns out to be warm. Lye down on the bed and put 4 drops of it. After those 10 minutes, change the side and put the oil in the other ear.It is one of the good remedy to get rid of earache.
  • Heat some sesame oil and dip a few leaves of the castor plant. Wipe this oil around the ear.

Herbal remedy to cure Earache using basil leaves

  • Crush some basil leaves to form a paste. Heat this at room temperature. When it becomes at a tolerable temperature, put 4-5 drops of this oil in the ears.
  • Use mango leaves and extract the juice. Warm this juice a little and apply it on the ear putting four drops at each ear. It is good remedy to cure earache.

Tips and diet for Earache

  • Consume vitamin C to increase your immune system; it would be helping you to combat infection. Add to Zinc intake, it decrease ear infection. Take a healthy diet with lots of calcium in it. Do not take processed foods and hydrogenated oils. Stress on breast feeding for infection in infants.
  • You have earache and going to swimming, put few drops of mineral oil in each ear  while going to swim. It is best  in treating earache.

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