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How to treat Pneumonia


What Is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a common condition that passed on an infection of the lungs, which is caused by a multiplicity of micro organisms as well as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Symptoms of pneumonia

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Abnormally fast breathing
  • Breathing with grunting or wheezing sounds
  • Difficult breathing that makes a child’s rib muscles retract
  • Vomiting
  • Chest pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Reduce activity
  • Loss of hunger
  • In some cases, lips and fingernail color is grey or bluish.

Prevent of pneumonia

  • Take Care of bed ridden and comatose patients to prevent objective pneumonia.
  • Evasion of exposure to infection.
  • Use Vaccines It may prevent infections by viruses or bacteria that cause some kind of pneumonia. Kids usually receive routine
  • You should be covered your mouth with a cloth so that the disease does not increase to others in the surroundings. Sufficient nourishment and ventilation should be given.
  • You should keep too maintained, personal hygiene.
  • Never ignore a child have signs and symptoms of pneumonia. Their situation can get worse rapidly. 
  • Take Antibiotics to be managed intravenously and symptomatic relief of fever and cough should be given. Fine chest treatment must be provided to remove the build up sputum.
  • Patient should be drinking much more water as possible.

Home remedy for pneumonia   

  • Starting stage of pneumonia, drink a tea made by fenugreek seeds will help the body to make perspiration, dispel toxicity, and shorten the period of fever. You should be taking minimum four cups of this tea daily. For change the flavor of tea you may be mixed drops of lemon juice.
  • Drink juice of parsnip, parsnip root vegetable botanically called Pastinaca sativa, has been found valuable in the treatment of pneumonia. Parsnip juice has phosphorus and chlorine elements contained therein are of particular benefit to the lungs and the bronchial system, thus making the juice an excellent home remedy for treating pneumonia. Pneumonia patient should take 250 ml of juice daily.
  • For reduce pain of pneumonia by rubbing oil of turpentine over the rib cage and wrapping warmed cotton wool over it.

Herbal remedy for pneumonia

  • A sesame seed is helpful in curing pneumonia. Prepare a mixture of this seeds can be made by steeping 15 gm of seeds in 250 ml of water. This mixture, mixed with a tablespoon of linseed, a pinch of ordinary salt, and a dessertspoon of honey, should be given in the treatment of this disease. This is good remedy to get rid of catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes.

Natural remedy for pneumonia

  • Garlic is an excellent remedy for treating pneumonia, if specified in adequate quantities. Garlic brings down the temperature, with the pulse and respiration within forty-eight hours. Make a paste of garlic can also be applied outwardly on the chest with helpful results as it is an irritant and rubefacient

Diet for pneumonia

  • Drink carrots juice, in mixture either with spinach juice, or beet and cucumber juices, has also been found useful in pneumonia.
  • Patient should be take a glass of fruit or vegetable juice diluted with warm water, every two or three hours. After a diet of raw juices, when the fever subsides, the patient should spend three or four days on an select fresh fruit diet, taking three meals a day of juicy fruits.
  • You should maintain well-balanced diet of natural foods, with emphasis on fresh fruits and raw vegetables.

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