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How to treat Canker Sores


What Is Canker sores?

Canker sores, also know by aphthous ulcers, are little, low lesions that build up on the soft tissues inside your mouth below your tongue, inside your cheeks or lips, and at the bottom of your gums. Different cold sores, canker sores don't happen on the outside of your lips and aren't infectious. Sores can be very painful, though, and can create eating and talking difficult. Causes of canker sores, doctors don't know what but they may be activated by pressure, poor nutrition, food allergies and menstrual periods.

Symptoms of Canker sores

  • painful sore or sores inside your mouth on the tongue, the soft back portion of the roof of your mouth, or inside your cheeks.
  • Itchy or burning feeling  prior to the appearance of the sores.
  • sores in your mouth that are round, white, or gray in color, with a red edge or border.
  • In harsh attacks, such as Fever, Physical sluggishness, Swollen lymph nodes.

Prevent of Canker sores

You have particulerly  large sores, Sores that are spreading, Sores has been last  3 weeks or longer, fever you can consult your doctor. Taking over-the-counter pain medication when you have intolerable pain despite avoiding trigger foods.To stop bacterial infection, brush and floss your teeth regularly and go to  the dentist for routine care.Another treatment is applying fluocinonide gel (Lidex) or chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash. It is the powerful anti-inflammatory medicines called corticosteroids are sometimes used.

Home remedy to Canker sores

  • A helpful remedy for treating canker sores at home you can to apply raw onion on the sore.
  • Sometime used Aloe Vera juice as a mouth wash, is helpful in curing canker sores
  • One more effective natural remedy soak coriander leaves in water. After about 5 minutes, strain the water and use it as a mouthwash.
  • Get a glass of lukewarm water and mix 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder to it. gurgle with this water, first obsession in the morning. It is the best treatment for curing canker sores.
  • One more  home remedy is to add half Milk of Magnesia and half Benadryl liquid allergy medicine. Hiss this mixture in your mouth for about 1 minutes, after that  spit it out.
  • Make a mixture take half hydrogen peroxide and half water. Use a cotton swab then apply this  mixture directly to the canker sore. Then, wipe a small amount of Milk of Magnesia on the canker sore, do it three to four times a day. This give soothing relief and may also help it heal.
  • Put  salt directly on  the sore or wash your mouth a duo times a day by a strong salt water solution.
  • Coat the ulcer with some honey. Let it stay for sometime and then salivate. It is one of the most useful remedy for treating mouth ulcers.
  • Tea tree oil has medicinal belongings and would be helpful heal mouth sore. Apply tea tree oil to the sores, previous to going to bed, and leave during the night. It gives releif from canker sores.
  • Combine 1 tsp soda in a cup of warm water. Put in a pinch of salt and gargle with this mixture, in the morning if possible before going to bed. It is good remedy to treat sore.

Tips and diet for Canker sores

  • Reduce the chance that your eruptions of canker sores are linked with a nutritional lack by way of taking a multivitamin. As canker sores can damage one's capability to eat, make sure you do maintain a sufficient fluid and nutritional intake. The use of a liquid dietary addition such as makes sure or Sustacal might be point to.
  • Add in the food consumption of tomatoes and fresh papaya fruit. This is possible to give relief and cure canker sores.

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