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How to treat Eczema


What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a form of  the several different kinds of skin swelling and injury. Eczma alternative name is dermatitis. Eczma pass on  to a group of disorder with a frequntly  inherited tendency to build up other allergic situation , for example asthma and high fever. Eczema is not risky, but most kinds cause red, swollen and itchy skin.

Symptoms of Eczema

  • Frequently the primary symptom of eczema is strong itching.
  • Visible skin rashes later. A rash is erratic and starts out as flaky or scaly dry skin on top of reddened, inflamed skin.
  • Itches or burns rash.
  • Skin scratched, rash may seep and turn into crusty, particularly in young children.
  • In the adults, the scraps are more probable to be brownish, scaly, and thickened.
  • Some people build up red bumps or clear fluid-filled bumps that look "sparkling" and, then scratched, add wetness to the overall skin layer.
  • Painful cracks can expand over time.
  • The rash may be appear anywhere on the body but it frequently found on the face and on the arms and legs, mostly in creases and on hands and feet.

Prevent of Eczema

  • First you can consult your health care provider or doctor. You can take mainstays of therapy are anti-inflammatory medication and relieve from the itching.
  • Use recommendation -power steroid cream, application and antihistamine medication are the usual treatments
  • Use cool compresses for example a wet, cool washcloth on the irritated areas of skin to ease itching.
  • Try your child's fingernails short to reduce any skin damage caused by scratching.
  • Keep having your child wear comfortable, light gloves to bed if scratching at night is a night troubles.

Home remedy for Eczema

  •  Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon camphor and 1 teaspoon sandalwood paste applies on the rashes.It is helpful for reduces rashes.
  • Apply nutmeg paste to the affected areas.
  • Apply natural vitamin E oil on the affected skin; it will reduce you of itching.
  • Zinc taken orally and applied directly on the affected skin is effective. Together shark cartilage and lotion of blueberry leaves reduce inflammation.
  • Use a lotion made out of blueberry leaves this is proven to be fantastic relieving inflammation of dermatitis. vUse a lotion made out of blueberry leaves this is proven to be fantastic relieving inflammation of dermatitis.
  • Make a paste by rubbing nutmeg against a smooth stone slab with a little water. Apply this paste to the affected area. It is good remedy to treat eczema.

Herbal remedy to treat Eczema using comfrey root

  • Prepare a solution of one tbls of turmeric powder with one tbls of bitter neem leaves. Apply it over affected area.
  • Mix 1 tsp. comfrey root, 1 tsp. white oak bark, 1 tsp. slippery elm bark and 2 cups of water. Boil for 35 minutes use it to rinse the affected area.

Tips and diet for Eczema

  • Drink tomato juice daily, it will cure the symptoms in a few days.
  • Diet not at all causes eczema. Food just causes allergy, it does not cause eczema. Avoid allergic and sensitive food.
  • Do not eat these dairy products, eggs, nuts, preservatives and citrus fruits are more likely to trigger eczema.
  • Apply  pine tar soap to wash the affected skin.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, chocolate, cola drinks, alcohol, sugar and products made from it, refined cereals, meats, fish, chicken, tobacco, milk, cheese, butter, smoked and salted pickled foods, and foods containing any chemical additives, preservatives and flavorings from your diet.

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