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How to cure Body rash?


What is Body rash?

Body rash or skin rash is frequently irritation or swelling on the skin. of bady rash is a change in color and texture on the affected area. With in body rash changed in color and texture on the affected area and body rash could be the result of irritation, disease or an allergic reaction.Allergy refers to be food, plants, chemicals, animals, insects or other environmental factors.Sings of body rashs are red itchy or non-itchy bumps on the skin, burning sensation on the affected area.

Causes of body rash

  • Allergy to coloring in clothing
  • Allergy to chemicals in clothing
  • Reaction to cosmetics, perfumes, soaps and detergents
  • Dermatitis
  •  Heat rash
  •  Dry skin
  •  Measles
  • Ichthyoids

Prevent for body rash

  • Stop scrub your skin when there is a rash breakout.
  • Stop use deodorant or soap to the affected areas.
  •  Use warm water for cleansing and not hot water.
  •  Avoid expose the affected area to direct sunlight and hot water.
  • Consult your doctor if nothing else works, it may be due to an illness

Home remedy for body rash

  • To get relief from the body rash apply olive oil to the affected area.
  • One more effectual natural cure for body rash and back rash is to apply baking powder on the affected area.
  • For relieves from inflammation you can pour a cup of uncooked oatmeal into your bathwater and soak in the tub and also natural treatment of body rash.
  • Prepare a poultice from dandelion, yellow dock root and chaparral. Apply this on the affected area. This good home solution to cure body rash.
  • Apply aloe Vera gel, cod liver oil and Vitamin E oil are also useful in combating body rash.
  • Clean the affected area using chamomile tea.
  • One more remedy is to soak a cloth in comfrey tea or calcium water, apply on the affected skin. Prepare calcium water – Stir in a spoonful of calcium gluconate powder into a cup of water. 

Diet for body rash

  • Have foods rich in Vitamin C. It has antioxidant qualities that will help in fighting body rash. Eruptions on the skin of the back are known as back rash.
  • Consume less heat produce foods and beverages like red meat, pork and avoid alcohol. eat more vegetables, curds, coconut water, fruit chicken and fish.
  • Drinking water or milk with a spoonful of sabja also knows a falooda seed soaked in water overnight also cools the body.

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