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How to treat Defecticve Vision


What Is Defective Vision?

Defective vision is the incapability to see clearly. Defective vision has two types - myopia or short-sightedness. It passes on to a situation when a person is not capable to see far-off things and objects clearly. The another type is hyperopic or long sightedness which is a circumstance when a person cannot focus and therefore cannot see closer things correctly.

Causes of defective vision are intellectual strain, rude blood and nerve supply, reading  in dim / glaring light, reading in moving trains, buses or cars, too much reading, unsuitable eating habits, too much watching of TV and films, nonstop working on computer.

Symptoms of defective vision

  • Indistinct vision
  • Itching in eyes
  • Watering of eyes
  • Bulk in the eyes
  • Mild headache

Prevent of defective vision

For prevent of defective vision do regulary eye exercise. Move your eyes up, down and circuler action six time a day. call your doctor and do regular eye test. You should take rest during study and non stop working on computer. Another treatment is take megnetic theraphy treatment.

Home remedy for defective vision

  • Consume a lot of carrot juice as it has been found very useful in curing defective vision.
  • Melt 30 grams of Triphala in ½ liter of water. There are two habits of using this water - one can also drink it or wash his/her eyes with it. It is a useful home remedy for defective vision.
  • Take a glass of milk; mix ½ teaspoon each of licorice root power and honey. Add ¼ part of ghee. Drink this milk as it is helpful in curing defective vision.
  • Sun gazing or sun bath is too effective to cure for defective vision. Sit down on the bench of the garden. Face the sun as closing your eyes. For ten minutes, tremble your head several times. Following this is done, open your eyes and open and close the eye about ten times during looking at the sun. It is also sensible to look at some landscapes. This would give cooling effect to the eyes.

Tips and diet for defective vision

  • For treating defective vision is to boost the use of foods rich in Vitamin A. they are the most excellent source for improving vision. Include some food items include raw spinach, turnip tops, milk cream, cheese, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, soya beans, green peas, fresh milk, oranges, and dates.
  • Take 200 ml of carrot juice, add150 ml of celery juice, 75 ml of endives juice, and 75 ml of parsley juice to make ½ liter of this juices. In this mixture, combine ½ liter of chicory juice as well. Drinking of this juice everyday helps in improving vision.
  • Another method can be to splatter cold water on the closed eye lids. One time sufficient water has been splashed, daub your eye with a clean towel.

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