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Home Remedy For Malaria


What Is Malaria?

Malaria is a vector borne disease caused by protozoan parasites which are refer to the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito.If you do not take it serious or not treated, malaria can rapidly turn into life-threatening by disrupting the blood supply to vital organs.

Symptoms of malaria

  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling cold

Prevent of malaria

  • Also wearing protective clothing, wearing of clothes which are cover your body for example long sleeved shirts.
  • Use insect repellent is a helpful tool to keep these annoying things at bay. Apply an insect repellent to uncovered skin which has the ingredient di-ethyl toluamide.
  • You should be used effectively when contained in a cream, lotion or when sprayed or vaporized in the room.
  • You should sleep in the mosquito net.
  • Use air-conditioner system will also give cool air as keeping the room mosquito-free.

Home remedy for malaria

  • Take a glass of water; put in a tsp of cinnamon powder, a tsp of honey and a dash of pepper powder. Boil this mixture and drink it after it cools down a bit. This is useful in treating malaria.
  • Take two and a half freshly grow leaves of Dhatura and rub them with jaggery. change this mixture into a pill and eat it on a daily basis. This is best remedy to cure malaria.
  • Take 60ml of water; melt 3 gram of lime and the juice of 1 lemon. Taking this, once time in a day, it is good to cure of fever
  • Putting a cold pack on the forehead confirms to be beneficial for healing fever in malaria.
  • Take a glass of water; add a small piece of ginger and 2-3 teaspoon raisins. Boil this mixture until it gets changed to half its quantity. When the mixture Cool down then consume this. It is effective remedy to treat malaria.

Herbal remedy to treat malaria

  • Prepare a solution take 250 ml of water, add 15 gm Chirayita herb, along with some cloves or cinnamon.  Consume 15-30 ml of this solution once in a day, for 15-25 days. This is also good remedy to treat malaria.
  • Cook alum over a hot plate and then powder it. Consume a tsp of it when you still have fever. This is a valuable remedy for healing malaria.
  • Use basil leaves prove advantageous in treating malaria. You can eat basil leaves raw or make a mixture of them and then drink it.

Tips and diet for malaria

  • You have malaria is in the starting stages, you can take  orange juice and water diet can help treat it.
  • Do not take junk food, packed food as well as spicy and oily food. It would work to your harm.
  • Stop allows water to stagnate anywhere. It would be allow Anopheles mosquito to extend. Water bodies should be sprayed with mosquito repellant sprays.
  • Always keep your home airy, clean, dry, and hygienic. That result mosquitoes are discouraged from entering your house. Make use detol, phenyl, etc. for cleaning house and toilets.
  • Add green leafy vegetables in your food.
  • Consume protein foods as they give the energy necessary for your body’s repair.
  • Eat old rice instead of new rice.
  • Never eat any lentils during malarial fevers.
  • Avoid Soft drink, chocolates, etc.
  • Do not take cold foods in the diet for example  cucumber, orange, papaya, bananas, watermelons, etc.
  • Avoid eating any nuts during malarial fevers, particularly groundnuts as they contain a lot of oil.

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