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How to get rid of Burns?


What is Burns?

Burn is a  injury that may be occur from heat, cold, electricity, chemicals, light, radiation, or friction. Actually burns, particularly becomes from hot water and liquids, it would be the most general childhood accidents. Babies and young children are mainly vulnerable they are curious, small, and have sensitive skin that requirements extra safetyMuscle, bone, blood vessel, and epidermal tissue it all could  be injured  with  following pain due to deep injury to nerves. Depending on the affected place and the amount  of harsness, a burn victim may knowledge  a broad amount  of potentially fatal difficulty such as shock, infection, electrolyte imbalance and respiratory distress.

Symptoms of Burns

  • Swelling
  • Reddening skin
  • Skin peeling
  • skin blistering
  • Generally bunr pain
  • Skin loss
  • open wounds
  • fluid loss

Prevent for Burn

  • You have swelling, skin peeling, skin blistering and more then pain you can call your doctor.
  • you have skin loss, fluid loss, open wounds then antibiotical, surgical treatment and in serious burn problem immdetly go the hospital.
  • Water is the best cure for burns. if you gat burn in home or kitchen so let cool flow of water in the skin or take bucket of water and sink affected areas.

Home Remedy for Burn

  • Instant relief remedy for burns would be to apply ice on the affected area. You can also dip the affected body part in chilled water, for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Effective way to cure burns is to apply honey on the affected area and cover it with a bandage.
  • Apply a generous amount of yogurt on the burn and keep it for about 15 minutes, before rinsing off. It would cool down the burnt area and give release.
  • Powerful treatments of burns would be to cut a piece of onion and keep it over the burnt area. It would provide instant relieve.
  • Dip the burnt portion in a bowl of whole milk for about 15-20 minutes. It would provide relief and cure the burn.
  • Egg whites are beneficial in curing or treating burns. Beat the egg white lightly and apply on the affected area.
  • Apply diluted vinegar on the burn. It would be very helpful in healing the burns.

Natural remedy to treat Burn

  • Aloe Vera also heals burns effectively. Cut some fresh aloe Vera leaves and place them on the burnt area.
  • Apply the papaya pulp on the affected area. It would heal the wound and help remove dead cells as well.
  • Lavender oil is helpful in treating burns. Dab the affected area with lavender oil. If the burn is severe, apply the oil 3-4 times in a day.

Diet for Burn

  • Burns patients must have protein and calorie diet such as copper, selenium, and zinc.
  • Intake some vitamins important for the recovery are Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Glutamine, Arginine, copper, zinc, Selenium etc.

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