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How to treat Burning tongue


What Is Burning tongue?

Burning tongue is the very irritating and painful sign of menopause. Burning tongue occur when the person experiences a burning feeling on the tongue. Each person has drunk or sipped a beverage for example coffee or tea that is too hot and burned her tongue. This is the feeling that persons who suffer from burning tongue.

Symptoms of burning tongue

  • A burning feeling, affecting tongue, lips, gums, palate, throat or total mouth
  • A itchy or numb feeling in mouth or on the tip of tongue
  • Mouth pain that get worse as the day progresses
  • dehydrated mouth
  • Increased thirst
  • Sore mouth
  • Loss of flavor
  • Taste change, like a bitter or metallic taste

Prevention of burning tongue

Since burning tongue carry with it physical pain and uneasiness, persons who suffer from burning tongue frequently look for treatment for it. When looking for treatment alternative, it’s essential to start on with techniques that are the smallest amount conspicuous, with the least probability of side effects, and growth from there.

Home remedy for burning tongue

  • keep in the mouth ice cube for temprary relief in the burning tongue.
  • Also good remedy is chew sugar free gum.
  • Do not take spicy or hot food for a while this food irritate and burn your tongue.
  • Put glycerin on the tongue. It would provide a cooling feeling, thus reduce the pain and burning feeling.
  • An effective remedy for curing burning tongue is take honey with milk. It boost the blood flow to the tongue, thus curative it.

Natural remedy to treat burning tongue using lavender oil

  • It is good remedy that lavender vital oil can provide relief from pain and can work as an antiseptic. As an antiseptic, lavender vital oil can sterilize the affected skin area and endorse blood circulation, so treating burning tongue. You also use some lavender oil to cure of burning tongue.

Tips and diet for burning tounge

  • Eat rich foods  in vitamin B12 can treat burning tongue by helping in the growth of red cells and keeping up nerve cells.  You might think adding such foods like egg yolk, poultry, milk, liver, etc in your daily diet.
  • Drink fresh fruits and vegetable juices rich in vitamin B and C can help for relief burning tongue. Fresh juice can as well stay you hydrated and can give necessary nutrients.

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